Network Remarketing

Company Overview

We are a broker and re-marketer for used computing and networking hardware. Network Re-marketing deals specifically in CISCO, SUN and SGI. Our excellent contacts within the Computer Finance Industry ensures that we get first pick at quality end of lease product or near new product resulting from insolvent companies. We believe in honesty and professionalism and apply this to everything we do. At Network Re-marketing we recognise the need for healthy business relationships, that is why our goal is always to build trust and integrity into all our dealings.
We sell both domestically and internationally and pride ourselves on our ability to deliver a quality product at the right price, when you need it.

Total Package Re-Marketing

Our services include;

  • Valuations of your
    computer hardware

  • Audits of leased
    computer hardware for repossessed equipment

  • Re-marketing of
    network equipment

Company Background

Network Re-Marketing is an owner-operated Australian Company that was registered in 1999.
We are continuing to grow and expand at every turn. The principals of Network Re-Marketing are:

Mr Peter Craik &
Mr Duncan Cameron.

Both Peter and Duncan have had extensive experience in the Computer and Finance Industries. Over the years they have built a respect with their business contacts in both these industries.



Company Profile


Who we are

People are our business. At Network Re-marketing we recognize that people and service to our customers is directly related to our success. As brokers for used IT & networking equipment we have fantastic contacts throughout Australia and abroad. We have business relationships with large leasing companies and wholesalers throughout Australia, USA, Canada and the UK. Good relationships ensure that we get quality equipment as well as the best possible prices for our clients.

Integrity is vital, not only in maintaining healthy business relationships but also in nurturing consumer confidence. We at Network Re-marketing know that for us to succeed, integrity must be the backbone of all our dealings.

Our goal is to provide our suppliers with consistent, expedient re-marketing of their end of life equipment, and also supply our customers with quality equipment to provide alternatives to buying new. We have 5 years experience in facilitating that process and work closely with our clients to ensure that their needs are being meet.